Poplar Bluff, MO Residents Evacuate, Levee Breach Imminent (VIDEO)

Poplar Bluff Mo flooding
Flooding in Poplar Bluff, MO
Around 1,000 residents have been evacuated from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, as the Black River began to overflow in several spots today and a levee breach becomes imminent. Some homes have already been flooded.

The Missouri town is among many -- from northeast Texas to Kentucky -- that have been deluged by unrelenting rainstorms.

This photo, taken by a Poplar Bluff resident in the front yard, only begins to show the rising flood waters.


Many evacuated residents are taking shelter in the town convention center while others moved in with friends or family. Some residents who have lived through previous floods in this area even hired moving trucks to haul away their belongings before evacuating.

The above photo was posted by a Poplar Bluff resident tonight with a message to Kelly Ripa:

@KellyRipa a view of my front yard in poplar bluff mo. Please send prayers our way ! 

Indeed, prayers are headed your way from all of us here at The Stir. Be safe.

WATCH coverage from Poplar Bluff, Missouri earlier today:

Are you in Missouri or one of the nearby cities or states affected by these storms?


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