Crazy Pig on the Loose, Attacking Humans

pigAs if killer squirrels and snakes on the loose weren't frightening enough, over in England  pigs have been randomly attacking people. The latest victim of the swine -- a 13-year-old tourist.

Jordan Stock was on vacation from his home in Wales. He was minding his own business, strolling through Holiday Park at Teignbridge in Devon, England, when out of the blue, a crazy pig jumped out and bit him.

Stock told the BBC:

It just came at me. I fell on the ground and tried to fend it off with my arm, but it bit me. I was shaking afterwards, it was such a surprise.

I just can't imagine. It's almost laughable to think about, even though I'm sure I wouldn't think it funny at all if one bit me. Fortunately Stock wasn't hurt too badly -- just some bruises -- but I bet he's going to have some severe anxiety at petting zoos for the rest of his life.


He's not the first to be attacked by this pig -- or what may be a big pig posse -- in the area either. For the past two years, these piggies have been plaguing people, and no one knows who they belong to, or apparently how to stop them.

Police certainly don't seem to be much help. A representative from the local police department told the Daily Express:

Local police are aware of some community concerns regarding pigs escaping from private land. No criminal offences have been committed and, while we appreciate concerns, there is nothing that can be done by police to solve what is a civil issue.

So visit this park at your own peril I guess?

I love animals, truly I do -- but most of them beyond dogs, only at a distance. You just can't reason with them, and well, they have all those teeth.  I've never been particularly suspicious of pigs, but I will look at them differently after this. I'm pretty sure I could outrun one, though, so I'll put them pretty low on my list of animals to fear -- maybe just above frogs (some are poisonous, you know). Squirrels, on the other hand, continue to scare the sh*t out of me.

Which animal do you fear most?

Image via jer-me/Flickr

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