Mrs. Donald Trump As First Lady? Let's See Her Birth Certificate (VIDEO)

donald trump melania trumpRumors abound that real estate mogul, reality TV star, and all-around loudmouth Donald Trump will be running for President of the United States of America. Not for nothing, but no matter your political persuasion, is someone called "The Donald" worthy of such an esteemed office? I think not. And for that matter, what of his wife?

Melania Trump appeared on The Joy Behar Show last night in support of her husband's potential candidacy, assuring Joy that Trump's presidential squawk was not a "publicity stunt." I'm sure the 40-year-old Slovenian-born model is as lovely a woman on the inside as she is on the outside, but she's certainly not First Lady material.


Sure, Melania is accomplished. In addition to all those swimsuit modeling gigs, she has a super classy QVC jewelry collection, and she's appeared in an insurance commercial with none other than the highly esteemed Aflac duck. She also has a really humble website devoted to ... herself. Can you see Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan ... [fill in the blank with your favorite First Lady] ... doing any of those things? What is this, France?

And then there's the issue of her citizenship. Don Quixote Trump was quick to jump on the birther bandwagon when he made his political aspirations known. Yet he married an alien -- and it's not the first time (shout-out to Ivana). Ah, the irony. Yes, Melania is currently an American citizen and there's no requirement that the First Lady of the United States be born in America, but maybe there should be. It sure would be sweet to see Trump hoist with his own petard.



Do you think Melania Trump would make a good First Lady?

Image via Boss Tweed/Flickr

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