Record Store Day: What Does Lady Gaga Care?

lady gagaHey, everybody, it's Record Store Day! You know what that means? Time to get our fat, iTunes clicking butts off the couch and into our local shop for some old school browsing. What's that? You don't have a record player, you say? Who does?! I think the purpose of this event is to buy the vinyl to support an activity of the past, then pop it up on eBay to support one of the present, no?

No, seriously, I'm all about RSD. In fact, once I'm done with this post, and if I can find my toothbrush -- man, that thing's been gone a while and after I shower, I'm heading straight over to Fat Beats Brooklyn for a day of live music and record browsing. 'Cause I support the arts like that. And I'm bored. And there I won't look weird drinking at noon.

So, clearly I support Record Store Day. Bruce Springsteen supports Record Store Day. The Beastie Boys support Record Store Day. But, why does Lady Gaga support Record Store Day?


I know, I know, she's an artist. Quit attacking me! Before you fight to the death over Our Gagness, hear me out. Sheesh.

Lady Gaga is an artist of the Internet. She is the online generation. Her fans (mostly) are the online generation. She wouldn't be half as successful without all things online. Blogs, like Perez Hilton, extolled her from day one, helping her to skyrocket to the superhuman success she now enjoys. Oh, and what about her Twitter? Crazy popular! And remember (the now resurrected) Transmission Gagavision, her slice-of-life webisodes? All stuff online.

She doesn't know boo about records. Isn't she, like, two? It's lovely that she's releasing exclusive jams strictly for Record Store Day, but isn't she being a bit, oh, I don't know, poser-ish. Lady Gaga wasn't around during the salad days of vinyl. She didn't grow up listening to records. The earliest thing she could have possible rocked out to is a cassette day, and I feel like even that might be pushing it. Me thinks Gaga is just supporting Record Store Day because "it's the right thing to do," not because she really cares about the dying industry. What does she care if it goes away? The Internet is where her heart is. And now that we're being totally honest, the fact that her "record" is a 12-inch picture disc? Kind of smells like a "label idea" anyway, so who knows how involved Gaga herself even is. Just sayin'.

Enough about that, though. It's Record Store Day, y'all! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some "showering" and browsing to do! Support the arts, people!

What do you think of Lady Gaga supporting Record Store Day? Are you celebrating Record Store Day?


Image via Doman Barnyard/Flickr

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