Internal Revenue Service: 8 Reasons NOT to Hate Them (So Much)

The Internal Revenue Service is perhaps the most hated of all government agencies. And why not? Their main purpose in life is to make the first half of April miserable, stressful, and painful.

Even if you DON'T owe (which is never my luck), you can find ways to look on the bright side of things. Just think, without the IRS, we wouldn't have ... um, something! Right? There HAS to be a good side.

Well, there is. Kind of anyway. As our tax deadline (April 18) approaches, we are faced with only one way to look at taxes. If you said blind hatred, then you got it right!

Sadly we have no choice. Or, as Ben Franklin once famously said: "Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

So, hey, let's at least try to look on the bright side. Here are 8 things to love about the IRS:


The punishment is just a fine if you don't pay them: Hey, in China they have the right to kill tax evaders. No joke.

Be glad you aren't them: I mean, really. Feel bad for the guys who spend 365 days a year counting beans. At least you have a cool job, right?

Refunds: OK, we all know it's a bad way to save and blah, blah, but admit it: we all LOVE getting that nice big fat sum of money dropped into our account, right? Who wouldn't?!

Jokes at their expense: Who doesn't love to mock them? What would we mock without them?

A place to vent our frustrations: Everyone needs an outlet and the IRS has become such a national punching bag, let's just consider what they have saved our spouses and children. Don't like something? Blame the IRS! Blame taxes!

They only ruin the first half of April: Yes, they are awful, but once that deadline passes, there is sunshine, flowers, spring, and six months of no taxes to worry about (unless you pay quarterly and then I have nothing to tell you).

Roads, police, fire: Yep, we have the IRS to thank for them, or at least the money we give to them goes to that at least on some level.

Tuesday: As of next Tuesday, you're done with those jerks! On to bigger and better!

Why don't YOU hate the IRS?

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