Mom Takes On Keith Olbermann Over Abortion Comment

keith olbermannConservative author and columnist S.E. Cupp was on the Joy Behar Show earlier this week to talk politics with Jerry Springer and Joy. The conversation centered around President Obama’s tax-the-rich speech, and whether or not wealthier Americans should be more heavily taxed to support massive social programs.

Springer and Behar spoke in favor of higher taxes, while Cupp preferred to let everyone keep as much of their own money as possible. As a side note, I’m dying to know how much money the two liberal talk show hosts donate to the federal government each quarter.


Eventually the subject of Planned Parenthood came up, and Cupp said that she did not support federal funding of the biggest abortion mill in America.

The morning after this segment aired, blatherskite Keith Olbermann tweeted about Ms. Cupp, “On so many levels she's a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does.” The implication is obviously that he believes her mother should have aborted her. 

When called out on what could potentially be called a death threat in some circles, Olbermann claimed he never said Cupp should have been aborted, as only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s work is abortions (which is a completely bogus claim, by the way). Right, because it’s so much better to wish that someone’s mom had used birth control than to wish she’d had an abortion. The bottom line remains the same: Keith Olbermann doesn’t want S.E. Cupp to exist.

Instead of apologizing for what seemed to be sick, off-the-cuff attempt at humor and moving on, Olbermann spent much of Thursday afternoon on Twitter mocking anyone who dared to call him out for his bad behavior. Keep it classy, Keith!

In response to the former MSNBC entertainer’s vitriol against her daughter, Cupp's mom took to the pen(or keyboard): 

An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann,

In response to your comment on Twitter that S.E.Cupp is “a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does,“ and that ”her parents would have helped the earth had they consulted PP for birth control”:

As S.E. Cupp’s mother, I have to ask: Have you no shame? No depth to which you will not stoop to insult an adversary?

My daughter was raised to express her opinion respectfully. I am sure you were as well. What happened?

You should know that her father and I are endlessly proud of the young woman she has become.


Patricia Cupp

Go Mama Cupp! Thank you for raising a lovely and courteous lady; one who can express her opinions of others without wishing for their death nonexistence.


Image via Freedom to Marry/Flickr

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