Public Urination in Sydney Australia Is Out of Control

sydney public urinalsSydney, Australia really stinks. I mean, it smells. Can't blame it on the harbour either, this stench is human. It's not trash left out, nope. It's pee pee. There is a public urination problem down under and the few residents who are the only ones left not whizzing in the streets are pissed about the piss.

The city is finally doing something about it, after it realized that each year it spends $7 million trying to get the stank out of its urine soaked doorways, gardens, and building walls. Is it because their toilets flush backwards down there that everyone is afraid to use a restroom? What the hell is going on down there? The city's solution is an interesting one.


They're installing public, outdoor, out in the open, open air, al fresco, uncovered, in your face urinals. What has happened to our civilized world. What have we come to. I know Australia was first colonized with outlaws, but we as humans are better than this. Perhaps it's the sunny and warm weather in Sydney that leads to more drinking, and more peeing. But I hear San Diego is like that -- haven't heard anything about open air urinals being installed there.

A spokeswoman for the government said:

We've been aware of a problem for some time with public urination. If facilities are not there, people will use it as an excuse to do it anywhere.

The urinals will be installed on Friday nights and removed Monday mornings. So if you've gotta go on a Tuesday, by all means, use the excuse that there wasn't an open air urinal to pee wherever you'd darn well like. Water the flowers! Write your name on a wall! Anything goes.

The fact remains that men are causing all the trouble. Am I right? Who's to say. But the city is only installing urinals for men ... haven't heard of a solution yet for women, and maybe it's because there isn't a problem to solve. Women have always been the more sophisticated sex, it's no surprise we use bathrooms. Sure, it's a little harder for us to pee in public, but it's not harder for us to find a restroom, and we always seem to make it in time.


Photo via City of Sydney

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