Homeless Men Paid $50 to Be Beaten in Sicko Porn

In further proof that all things have a price and the weirdest things are often someone's sexual fetish, homeless crack-addicted men in Florida have been agreeing to take $50 to be beaten on film by half-naked women. The resulting video is then sold as porn.

It's hard to say which part is the sickest. Is it the price? $50 seems awfully cheap to sell your dignity and comfort. Or is it the fact that somewhere out there, some sick freak is masturbating to this?

You know what? They are both disgusting and foul.


The beatings are at times so severe that some of the recipients ended up in the hospital. The whole thing was orchestrated by Jeffrey S. Williams, the 58-year-old website manager of SheFights.net. The two men who were beaten are suing, but the website is still looking for volunteers.

Oh gee, sign me up ASAP. I just love to beat people to a pulp who are so desperate for $50, they would subject themselves to hospitalization. Seems reasonable to me, no?

Known as female domination fetish videos in the industry, the men were handcuffed, whipped, and sometimes flogged, and the whole thing was videotaped. In the lawsuit, the men cite "broken ribs, a dislocated jaw, back injuries, a dislocated arm, sustained bruises, and multiple lacerations."

Let's just hope the settlement in this gets them enough money that the beatings were actually worth it. And to think some guy somewhere actually finds this hot? To that one can only say ew, ew, and EW.

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Image via Tony the Misfit/Flickr

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