Long Island Serial Killer Is Real-Life 'Dexter'

We all know by now that the Long Island Craigslist Serial Killer is likely not some depraved lunatic with wild hair who lives alone in a cabin in the woods. Police are saying that the man is likely a seemingly upstanding citizen, a person who may go to church or coach soccer, who may have a wife and children. He is tech-savvy and his main victims have been women who advertise their sexual services on Craigslist, some of whom have problems with drugs.

In other words, police may be dealing with a real-life Dexter.

On Dexter, Michael C. Hall plays a serial killer with a heart of gold. A family man who adores his children and the unlucky women who come into his life. He loves his sister and does policework by day, which keeps him well-informed and one step ahead of the law. And yet, by night, he considers himself an avenging angel, a man who kills bad guys.


There are a few difference, of course. For example, Dexter only kills those who deserve it. And in this case, no one would ever argue that the women targeted by the Long Island Serial Killer deserved to be killed. (Although the irony, of course, is that this sicko may think that he is doing some kind of "righteous work," ridding the world of one prostitute at a time. Disgusting!)

Earlier this week, police made the gruesome discovery of what appeared to be two more bodies. The official body count may be even higher than 10 now and one of the bodies belonged to a toddler around 18 months old. If the child is connected to the murderer, then he or she doesn't fit the profile. Perhaps he or she was the child of one of the victims or maybe it's unrelated.

What is true now is that the show Dexter has taken on a whole other meaning. On TV, directors and producers and writers can script things just so. Dexter is always righteous. He never kills those who don't have it coming and rarely does anything we question as the audience. If he were killing innocent women, we might feel differently. Yes, even if those women were involved in selling sexual favors.

And yet, the similarities can't be ignored. We have a man who seems normal, was involved in law enforcement, likely confines his victims to those who have done "wrong," and seems to be high functioning and a productive member of society.

My favorite show is suddenly feeling a whole lot creepier ... Let's just hope that this guy, unlike Dexter Morgan, is caught and swiftly brought to justice.

Do you think he is a real-life Dexter?


Image via Showtime

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