Senator Jon Kyl Is 'Honestly' a Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

Jon KylWhen your Senator climbs up to the pedestal to rage on about this or that on the Senate floor, do you expect him to be "factual" in his ranting? No? Honesty's overrated? Then perhaps a trip to Arizona is in your future. There you can be represented by Senator Jon Kyl, who likes to stand in a public forum and make up facts about Planned Parenthood. Because, gosh darnit, it seemed like fun at the time!

As you might have heard last week, as the threat of a government shutdown loomed, Republican Whip Kyl stood on the Senate floor and announced "well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does" is to provide abortions. If it shocked you, don't worry, he made it up. And not just in the "crap, I can't remember the exact number" sense. Nah, Kyl was fibbing in the "flat out, pulled a number out of thin air, thought, 'Hell yeah, that sounds good!' and went with it" sense.


Approached by CNN to explain how he could be so far off the actual percentage of abortion services -- which sits around 3 percent rather than "well over 90" -- a spokesperson for Kyl's office admitted:

His remark was not intended to be a factual statement but rather to illustrate that Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives millions of taxpayer dollars, does subsidize abortions. 

So, let's get this straight. A Senator, who ostensibly takes this whole "being part of the government that serves the people" thing seriously, admitted he spends his days in Congress just making shit up? When the facts don't fit, you lie to MAKE them fit. Oooh-weee baby; we always suspected this about our politicians, but Jon Kyl just admitted it!

It's certainly made him the butt of Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's jokes this week. But how often do you get a politician who flat out admits what he says is a bunch of hooey? It's almost refreshing. This could be the wave of the future! Politicians who make shit up, and then excuse it all away by saying ... um, I made it up. Hey, they do it anyway, they might as well be ... honest about it?

What do you think of Jon Kyl's "excuse" for lying on the Senate floor? Would you re-elect him?


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