Air France A380 Hits Another Plane at JFK Airport (VIDEO)

An Air France Airbus A380 smacked into a Comair Delta Connection commuter plane at JFK Monday night. There were no injuries reported, but the crash lifted the smaller plane and spun it around. Great. As if flying weren't terrifying enough, now we are not even safe on the ground.

The larger plane is a double-decker with a wingspan of 260 feet. It's so large that few airports can accommodate it, so it isn't shocking that this crash could have happened. But it is sobering.

So, now we aren't safe anywhere related to plane travel. We get fleeced by the ticket prices, groped in the security line, treated rudely by the counter people, overworked and under-slept controllers are manning the control tower, and now we get hit while sitting on the runway minding our own business? Can someone pass me three Vicodin and a white wine chaser, please? I'm going to need them IN the airport next time.

See the video footage of the crash below:


No one was hurt (thank god), but when are we going to realize that all of these pieces of the puzzle add up to one glaring truth: Driving may, in fact, be safer after all.

Oh yeah, I know the statistics, but let's face it, there are no sleeping control tower people when you hop in your car. There are no hands on your boobs or dirty old men alone in a room seeing you nude when YOU are behind the wheel. Best of all, you will never be stuck on a runway or have to dismantle some heinous guy's shoe bomb when you're in your own Mazda.

So, save that ticket price and put a down payment on a minivan with a good DVD player in the back. That's my plan, at least.

Does this scare you, too?


Image via YouTube

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