Long Island Serial Killer Case: New Details Are Even Scarier

The hunt for the Long Island Craigslist Serial Killer is even more heated after police made the gruesome discovery Monday of what appear to be two more bodies. They also revealed that one of the 10 bodies found on and around the same beach belonged to a toddler around 18 months old. Though police aren't yet sure whether the child's body is connected to the murders, the fact that it was found on the same beach is chilling.

Perhaps for many who were able to dissociate from the killings because he was targeting prostitutes, only the details that have emerged over the last couple days are bringing it all closer to home. Some suspect that the killer has some experience in or knowledge of law enforcement. And now there is the news that a child's body has been found in the same dumping ground. They could be unrelated, of course. But now it feels like it could be anyone.


Former New York Police Department detective Wally Zeins told ABC News:

[The killer] could be law enforcement, could be a civil servant, could be a code enforcement person, could be a building inspector, could be a postman ... or it could be anyone who knows the area quite well. 

And that's not all. While he was "just" targeting women who advertised sexual services on Craigslist, maybe some could breathe a sigh of relief knowing they didn't do anything like that, but worries are now surfacing that he could be targeting the sister of one of the victims who is only a child.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the killer used untraceable cellphones that were also disposable to call the four victims police found back in December.

Melissa Barthelemy, who was one of the victims, disappeared in July 2009. Shortly after she went missing, her 15-year-old sister received six harassing phone calls that were traced to crowded places like Times Square and Madison Square Garden. The caller, in a very calm voice, asked the teenager: “Do you know what your sister is doing? She’s a whore.”

Now, on top of losing her sister, the teenager is scared for her own life and basically hiding all identifying details about herself from the public.

Whoever this person is, these recent developments bring the whole thing that much closer to home. Clearly this isn't some guy who hated prostitutes and was trying to avenge their perceived misdeeds. This is a guy who is cold and calculating and may seem totally normal. Anyone of us could know him. He could be a friend or a neighbor or the husband of a close friend or ... even our own husband.

There is a smart, tech-savvy killer on the loose who is probably targeting all women and maybe even children. If that doesn't make you lose sleep, I'm not sure what will. Let's just hope this monster is caught very, very soon.

Do these new details scare you more?


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