Mitt Romney Pretends to Hate RomneyCare So He Can Run for President

mitt romneyWhen Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he signed health care reform into law for the Bay State. That 2006 law, now referred to as "RomneyCare," is credited with being the prototype for U.S. health care reform. Nonetheless, now that he's vying for a win in 2012, he's disowning the major progress his state made under his leadership, and it's obviously a political ploy to appeal to Tea Partiers and other irate Republicans who don't know what's good for them hate the idea of having affordable health care. In fact, Romney's switched gears so abruptly that now his camp is sharply criticizing Democrats for celebrating RomneyCare's five-year anniversary ... 

Romney's advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, told CNN:

Somehow I'm not surprised that Democrats are sitting around eating cake while 14 million unemployed Americans are struggling to put food on their table.


Wow. I feel like I've time traveled back to my sixth grade Student Council election. That's about how mature that comment sounds.

In reality, what Fehrnstrom said is just a childish, finger-pointing defense mechanism designed to distract the public from the issue at hand. How DARE those Democrats celebrate something Mitt Romney did in another life that actually helped the people who elected him! Don't they know we have lots of other problems right now, like unemployment?

Yep, unemployment, a problem which would only be further exacerbated if people weren't reaping some of the current benefits of the Republicans' dreaded "ObamaCare." See, if you're unemployed AND being bankrupted by unjust health care bills, you have even less of a chance of putting food on your table. It's simple math.

Obviously, with 14 million people out of work in this country, the health care reform that was passed by the Democrats last year is needed more than ever. Even before the economic crisis, Romney knew that it was needed in his own state.

By celebrating RomneyCare, Dems are trying to hang the law around the 2012 candidate's neck. Completely! But it's more than justified. He's acting like a total hypocrite, and he deserves to be called out on it. If he has any hope in hell of being taken seriously as a candidate next year, he better figure out a way to come clean. It may work for him to sell lies and twisted truths to the Tea Party, but I'll bet undecideds and Independents -- who will likely matter quite a bit in the election -- aren't gonna buy what Romney's currently selling.

What do you think of Romney backtracking on his Massachusetts constituents?


Image via Matthew Reichbach/Flickr

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