Burqa Ban in France Oppresses Muslim Women

burqaOne of the most offensive scenes in Sex in the City 2 was when Carrie and the gals found themselves in a secret room in Abu Dhabi with a group of native women. Said women take off their tradition garb, or abayas, revealing 4-inch Jimmy Choos, super slinky Louis Vuitton dresses, and Prada belts. They looked much better than being all covered up, but it was so ... gross. Writer/director Michael Patrick King dressed the women exactly like Carrie and company. He just assumed that they wanted to break free of their face-covering clothes (which I don't necessarily disagree with), and dress like the four women who embody almost everything that is wrong with this country. Who the hell are you?

And who are you, Nicolas Sarkozy, for implementing a ban on Islamic women wearing burqas? Look, I live in New York City. I listen to NPR and try to eat local, organic food. Of course I've thought Islamic women should go veil-less and show their faces to the world. But, who the hell am I?


The thing about lots of freedom -- aside from the fact that it'll never be enough -- is that it causes people to assume they know what's best for the entire world. In America, it's all about bigger, stronger, faster, and fattier, so, of course, Americans assume that's what everybody else wants. "There's not supersize everything in your country? How do you eat?!" "Your car doesn't have 12 seats in it? How do you drive?!" "You can't fit a small child in your cup of Diet Coke? How do you drink?!"

And Sarkozy apparently feels that he knows what's best, also. He said that he feels that the veils imprison women and contradict France's values of dignity and equality. Fair enough. I like to see the ladies' faces, too. But, isn't the President doing exactly that -- imprisoning women -- by not letting them dress how they like? Some women want to wear burqas. And they can't now. Well, they can, but they'll be fined up to $216. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

Sarkozy basically isn't allowing freedom of religion in the good ol' democratic country of France. And if he thinks he's "freeing" women, he's sorely mistaken. He's actually oppressing them, because he's forcing them to do something they may not want to.

What do you think of France's burqa ban?


Image via MATAVI@/Flickr

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