Did Monica Lewinsky Change Government Shutdown Policy Forever?

Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky
You all remember Monica Lewinsky, right? Haha. Silly question. Well, her name is once again swirling about as we await news of a possible government shutdown 2011. In case you forgot, she and then-President Bill Clinton started their sinful tryst amid a government shutdown in 1995. Lewinsky, a super-helpful White House intern then, was filling in for White House employees deemed nonessential. And boy, did she fill in. But sadly, our horny President wasn't on shutdown.

Soon came the late-night work hours, the personal pizza delivery (should Bill really have been eating that crap?), the flirting, the flashing of the thong undies, and the cigar. If only they had simply smoked the cigar, things might have turned out better for everyone.

In any case, things work a little differently in the White House now. Thanks, Monica Lewinsky. You're a real policy changer!


Not sure if pizza deliveries, thong underwear, or cigars are still allowed in the White House during a government shutdown -- or ever! -- but a press person recently told DoubleX that interns won’t be reporting for duty in the case of a shutdown. No reason was given, but I think we can all guess. Perhaps President Obama and all the staffers actually learned something from that little piece of history that Kenneth Starr made famous.

Indeed, there is much at stake should a government shutdown occur, but interns won't be taking up the slack this time (or, in Lewinsky's case, letting out the slack). So if the President or staffers get hungry, maybe they can send someone out to Michelle Obama's vegetable garden for some carrots. That's as dirty as late-night dinners at the White House need to get, folks.

What's the last thing you heard about Monica Lewinsky?


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