Dumping Trash at John Boehner's House Won't Make Us Feel Better

boehner trashSome people are having a rather, uh, "creative" reaction to possibility of a government shutdown. A group of residents in Washington D.C. say that if lawmakers fail to reach a compromise on the budget and the government shuts down, they'll bring their trash to House Speaker John Boehner’s house.

Think about it. It's only fair: If Congress fails to reach a budget deal by Friday at midnight, trash collection in the District of Columbia would be temporarily eliminated. Dumping the garbage at Boehner's house is simply retribution for the loss of a city service a shutdown would cause. It's the ultimate form of protest and civil disobedience!


Full disclosure? I think the concept behind the protest -- as well as the Facebook page the group is using to organize, which as of Friday afternoon had 5,795 members -- is funny. People are voicing their anger and frustration about the budget stalemate in a creative way. The page reads:

If he won't allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM.

But should the protest actually come to fruition? I'll say it: I think it's immature. And messy. (Same thing goes for the Counter Protest.)

Sure, I'm pissed at the Republicans for using the budget debate as a way to further their agenda of defunding Planned Parenthood and preventing the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. But this dumping garbage protest only accerbates all the relentless finger-pointing that's going on. Plus, it's in direct opposition to the spirit of compromise -- which is what we could use a little of right now.

And, admittedly, some of that garbage should be routed to Senator Harry Reid's house. Last time I checked there were two political parties unable to reach an agreement.

Do you think bringing trash to Boehner's house is funny or immature?


Image via Facebook

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