Littlest Pundits Share Smart 'Perspectives' on Libya (VIDEO)

fresh perspectives videoLast week, the situation in Libya was reported as a humanitarian crisis -- today, it's about oil prices, which have hit a 32-month high, thanks to the shortage brought on by attacks on the country's oil fields. But Libya's not really at the top of most Americans' minds, since we're dealing with incompetent politicians who are threatening a government shutdown in an attempt to force anti-abortion laws through. 

It seems to me we could all use some "Fresh Perspectives." From people who aren't self-righteous or blindsided by greed, corruption, or our culture of fear. People who aren't even swayed by the size of their amygdalas yet ...

Whoever fit that description sure would be America's best kept secret intelligence. Oh, BINGO! It's children!


So, thank goodness for actor/comedian Beck Bennett's new news segment spoof video, which will "tap the leaders of tomorrow for a fresh perspective on today!" Brillz. In the first of which will hopefully be many episodes, four kids give their opinions on Libya. And what they come up with is something it feels like all of America could use a dose of.

I'm especially impressed with Michael, who tells Bennett:

See, [Muammar] is taking complete control. It is not democracy here. The people have no relevance in the government! He is the only sole leader. No one else ... His resources are enough to keep the people in line, and that's why they're afraid of him, and that's why so many people follow him, because they want to be on the winning side. 

Then you've got very outspoken, to-the-point wisdom of little Morgan, who says:

He's being MEAN! He can't by take anything by love. He can't treat his people with love! He just wants to make a devil of himself! ... He's not being nice! That is the point of problem, people.

Right, exactly!! When did we forget that if we were all more focused on being nice to one another, and treating one another with LOVE, we wouldn't have to deal with war and out-of-control fuel prices and endless power struggles in Congress? Man, it was probably around sixth grade, right? When we first had a teacher yell at us or a bully push us around. What a shame how that leads to such a jaded world view. 

Good thing Bennett has brought these youngsters to the fold to share their views. They know so much more than they get credit for!

Here's the full, hilarious, and poignant video:

What do you think about these "fresh perspectives"? What's the best thing your child has ever said about the news of the day?


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