California Lawmakers Care More About Gay Awareness Than the Three R’s

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
California State Senator Mark Leno has introduced a bill in the legislature that would make it mandatory for public school teachers in that state to teach their students about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act, or SB48, on Tuesday, and supporters say it will help prevent bullying of gay students by their classmates.

Bullied straight students are apparently S.O.L.


Seriously, what is wrong with disciplining kids for bullying for any reason? Are we now going to distinguish between regular bullying and hate bullying? Oh wait, it seems that teachers aren’t always allowed to discipline their students for bad behavior. Just ask Professor Frank Rybicki of Valdosta State University, who was arrested for battery after closing a student’s laptop when she refused to stop web surfing during class.

Aside from teachers not having authority in their classrooms anymore, who cares what Socrates’ sexual preference was? He pioneered the most ingenious method of teaching ever, aptly titled today the Socratic method. There’s no evidence of Susan B. Anthony’s sexual status, but how would that change what she did for female suffrage in America? There are very few instances, if any, where someone’s lifestyle choice has a lot to do with their historical contributions.

Aside from the fact that most people’s contributions to society have nothing to do with whom they played with in the bedroom, this is just a poor use of our education funds. California schools are not excelling, and there are so many ways to better spend the limited amount of money we have than reprinting all the textbooks to include the sexual preferences of our heroes in history. 

Wouldn’t keeping teachers like Miguel Aguilar employed be a better expenditure of taxpayer money? Miguel is an awesome teacher in the Los Angeles County school district, but he might be losing his job because he lacks the seniority of other (less effective) teachers. In the education system, it’s time on the job, not quality of work that leads to job security,

It’s no secret that our schools are failing the next generation of Americans. Rewriting the textbooks to include the sexual preferences of historical figures hardly seems to be the way to fix it.

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