John Edwards -- 'Boozing,' 'Suicidal' & Totally Getting My Sympathy

John Edwards
John Edwards
Considering the source, we do have to take this news with a gigantic grain of salt, but the National Enquirer (via the Daily Mail) is reporting that scandal-maker John Edwards is really down and out. Sadly, it's not really so hard to believe though. I mean, he'd have to be completely dead inside not to be depressed about the state of his life right now -- even if he did create a good number of his woes.

I really want to be mad at the guy. To say he deserves everything he gets. But I just can't. And I hope this news about his depression and using heavy drinking to cope isn't true.


Edwards is facing the possibility of a criminal trial over campaign finance violations connected to his payments to his lover and baby mama Rielle Hunter. A close friend tells the Enquirer that Edwards has lost 20 pounds, is a "broken spirit" who is drinking to escape reality, and has said he would rather kill himself than go to jail.

That's really awful sounding but not all that unrealistic seeing the hideous choices Edwards has made and been through as a consequence -- including cheating on his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth Edwards, getting caught and labeled a disgrace, losing any professional political footing he had, conceiving a child through that affair with Rielle Hunter, trying to cover all that up, most likely via illegal means, and then grieving with his children when Elizabeth ultimately died from breast cancer.

However, for the sake of all four of his children, even if Edwards does feel this distraught, I hope he will seek help, man up, and take his lickings -- even if that means jail time. After all, an incarcerated father is still better than no father, especially since he can serve his time and make anew once he gets out. This is his only chance to make good on the gigantic mistakes he has made and the hurt he has dealt to his remaining family members.

In any case, I do feel for the guy -- even if it's just a smidgen. I'm sure he never dreamed his selfish, slutty actions would create the massive devastation they have.

Then again, if this whole thing is totally made up, and John Edwards is really partying and carrying on with the ladies -- then screw him, I take it all back!

Do you have an ounce of sympathy for John Edwards?


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