Earthquake Rattles Mexico & Brings Us Closer to the Apocalypse

mexico city earthquakeToday, not only was Japan hit by another magnitude-7.1 earthquake, but Mexico City was also struck by a magnitude-6.7 quake.

The epicenter of the earthquake in Mexico was located near Las Choapas, a town of about 83,000 residents about 370 miles southeast of Mexico City. Buildings in the capital shook for several seconds, and was felt strongly in the state of Chipas, which borders Guatemala, as well as the Pacific coast state of Guerrero and in Veracruz, which is on the Gulf.

Even though it sounds like the quake was wide-reaching, the really good news is that not much damage occurred. There are no reports of injuries either. "Nothing major happened ... It was only a scare," Gov. Javier Duarte de Ochoa told state television.

Well, whew! to that, but ... uhm, is anyone else just a little bit freaked out by the fact that there were two newsworthy earthquakes on two different continents in one day???


You might think it's just a coincidence, but I'm not so sure. When I Googled for more info about this Mexican earthquake, one of the first links I got was for a site called I guess they pull all the freaky-deaky news stories that are signs that we're nearing the Apocalypse, and Britney Spears's "Till the World Ends" video isn't too far off from the world's soon-to-be reality?

GAHH! I mean, part of me just wants to shrug this off and think, "Yeah, it's a coincidence, and thankfully everyone's okay, and there won't really be anymore BIG hairy natural disasters like what happened in Japan last month for a while now, right?" ... but who knows? It just seems like these natural disasters are happening more frequently and closer together. Or is it that we've got it in the back of our heads that it's almost 2012 and therefore all of these events carry extra weight?

This is also creepy ... apparently, a psychic called this earthquake a whole month ago:

I expect the America's [sic] will get it again soon -- the US or possibly Mexico within a very short time -- probably within the next month or so.

Scientists argue that you don't have to have a sixth sense to predict an earthquake. See, follow-up earthquakes are very common after large events, like the one in Japan last month. Plus, Japan is located on top of an area where the Pacific tectonic plate runs along other nearby plates, creating friction and approximately 90 percent of the world's earthquakes. In other words, geologists probably believe this Mexican earthquake was just an after-effect of last month's tragedy ... not a sign of the end of the world.

I hope that's the case, but you know ... I'm still not 100 percent convinced.

What do you think -- was this Mexican earthquake connected to the ones in Japan or is it a sign of scarier things to come?


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