Jaycee Dugard Case Surprise Not Guilty Plea -- Now What?

courtroom courtBig surprise today in the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping case. The confessed kidnapper and rapist Philip Garrido, who held Dugard captive for 18 years and fathered her two children, pleaded "not guilty" today. Earlier in the week, Garrido's wife Nancy's lawyer said Philip would plead guilty to all charges against him so that Dugard wouldn't have to endure a trial and so that his wife Nancy might see a sentence that, at some point, included eligibility for parole. I guess Nancy's lawyer spoke too soon. Phllip's lawyer said, “There was no offer on the table," and the judge accepted "not guilty" pleas from both the Garridos.

So now what happens?


Well, we knew it couldn't be as easy as "Guilty!" and done, right?

Now the Garridos will mostly likely stand trial -- because why would we want to save the poor woman and her daughters who already had years of their lives taken from them from having to stand an emotional trial -- or save taxpayers from paying for a lengthy trial? And what's the point of it all anyway? So we can decide whether Philip Garrido gets 500 years vs. life in prison for his heinous crimes?

A trial date has been set for August.

Jaycee Dugard, now 30, has stayed out of the media spotlight since she and her two daughters (by Garrido) were rescued in August 2009 from the Garridos’ house in Antioch, California. Unfortunately, these new developments might change that in the near future.

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