Can't Touch This -- My Uterus Is Incorporated!

incorporate my uterusIt's official, friends. My uterus and I are open for business. No, not that kind of business. The real kind. We're incorporated, after all.

Inspired by Rep. Scott Randolph -- who suggested during a House floor debate that his wife ought to "incorporate her uterus" and subsequently sustained a verbal smack-down from the Florida GOP -- the ACLU of Florida launched a brilliantly snarky website at which women can literally incorporate their uteri online.

I've already done it -- have you?


Of course, incorporating your uterus online is more symbolic than anything else. But the message is clear: If lawmakers see your uterus as a business, maybe they’ll work to get government out of the uterus regulation business just like they do for every other company. As the "Declaration of Incorporation" form clearly states:

When a corporation has more protections than a woman, the best way to keep lawmakers out of your business is to be your own business.

Well said. It's about time someone stuck up for the uterus!

Do you think your uterus should be your business?

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