Hey Glenn Beck, What Are You Gonna Do Now?

glenn beckGlenn Beck and Fox News announced today that they're separated and heading for divorce. The conservative love-fest is coming to an end with Beck expected to leave his post as the daily host of his eponymous show later this year, but the press release states that he will not disappear from the Network entirely. Beck will do a variety of special news programs for Fox and they'll collaborate on content across other platforms, but the day in and day out relationship is kaput. No word yet on who gets custody of the chalkboard.

So with Beck leaving the Glenn Beck show, what will he do now? Certainly he'll keep himself busy with his books, radio shows, speeches, and rallies, but here are some places I wouldn't mind seeing Beck visit.


A visit to the White House would be interesting. I'd love to hear a conversation between him and Obama on the GOP budget plan. It would certainly be more entertaining than the O'Reilly/Obama Super Bowl interview back in February.

If Beck visited Mount Vernon, the preserved home of George Washington, things could get really emotional. And if I've learned anything from reality TV, it's that emotional breakdowns and crying make for great television. I can just see him weeping over Washington's desk, then taking an emotive stroll along the Potomac.

Perhaps a visit to a mosque? To learn about different cultures? Too soon? OK.

I'd like to see Beck stop by studio 8H for a taping of Saturday Night Live. I think making fun of himself wouldn't be such a bad thing. Humor! Fun times. Or a visit to the fourth hour of the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. The three of them could make mojitos and dish about the latest spring fashions.

Maybe Beck could take a trip to the North Pole to film a reality show with Al Gore. They could debate climate change, ice fish, and hang out in parkas sipping cider. The opening credits would show the pair ice skating. Gore would break through the ice and go for a swim in his bathing suit and goggles, Beck would look freezing and would be attacked by a polar bear. Get it? Because Gore thinks it's melting and Beck thinks it's business as usual up there?

Wherever Beck decides to go, I'm sure we'll find out. I don't think he's one to keep exciting news to himself.

What are your thoughts about Beck leaving his show on Fox?


Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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