What a Government Shutdown Means for You

trashCan't we all just get along?! Apparently not Democrats and Republicans. They just can't seem to reach an agreement on the 2011 Federal Budget, so guess what? There might be the first government shutdown in over 15 years! And trust me, that's a bad thing.

At first when I heard the prospect of the government shutting down, I thought, "Hmph. That could be cool. Maybe I'll drive to work and park wherever I want and not get a ticket 'cause there ain't no government! Woo-hoo!" But I soon realized that that wouldn't be the case since "essential" government wouldn't be shut down -- and thank God, 'cause that includes people like firemen! Yeah, we probably want those guys around. And after a little more research, I now know if a decision isn't reached by Friday, we could be seriously screwed!


Here are five things that would really suck if there's a government shutdown:

  • Toxic waste could build up. Gross. Nasty. Dangerous! During the last shutdown, cleanup was stopped at 609 sites! Oh, and manure wasn't cleaned up either. Yeah, a big ol' pile of it sat in a parking lot since the National Zoo couldn't transport it for composting.
  • Parks and museums would close. They did last time, and definitely would again. So, you may want to cancel your trip to the Smithsonian, Washington Monument, or Statue of Liberty. This wouldn't only be bad for people's travel plans, it also would be really bad, economically, for the museums, hotels, restaurants, and even airlines. Which, speaking of airlines ...
  • Federal workers who process passport and visa applications will also probably be staying home. Yeah, so hope you weren't planning on visiting the Eiffel Tower any time soon. And hope you don't need to renew your working visa!
  • The Center for Disease Control won't be at your service. During the last shutdown, the disease hot-lines they run left phone calls -- and questions -- unanswered.
  • Child support will probably get held up. They did during the last shutdown, as well as work on 3,500 bankruptcy cases. Yikes!

Come on, guys, work it out! We need you! And if you can't agree on the budget, I'm sure you can all agree that manure in the streets is gross!

What other scary things do you think could happen if there's a government shutdown?


Image via jonathan.youngblood/Flickr

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