Jesse Ventura Isn’t as Crazy As You Might Think

jesse venturaFormer governor of Minnesota, pro-wrestler, and current "conspiracy theorist" Jesse Ventura is running around discussing his new book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read, with multiple news sources -- from Piers Morgan to American Morning and Good Morning America. Because he has a certain wild-eyed way of talking about the world -- not to mention the fact that his tan and bald head-meets-party in the back mullet hairdo makes him look like a crazy cowboy -- a lot of what he's discussing with reporters sounds, well, insane.

But some parts don't actually sound as wacky as others ...


For instance, the new book showcases 63 documents specifically, because Ventura and his co-author Dick Russell believe that a lot of the corruption in the federal government dates back to 1963, the year President Kennedy was assassinated. Ventura told CNN's American Morning:

I believe that that was the year a coup d'état took place, because on my TV show this year, Conspiracy Theories, we had a confession to the murder of John F. Kennedy .... He said it was called "The Big Event."

Ventura believes the CIA was involved. Okay, I know I too am going to come off like a "conspiracy theorist" here, but I am totally not shocked or surprised by what Ventura believes. Having done extensive research on the JFK assassination for a debate in school, I'm more with Ventura than those who believe The Warren Commission (what the government decided happened -- a lone gunman, Oswald, shot Kennedy from the book depository). I'm pretty sure the murder was a coup d'etat, likely on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex. (JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam, but war = big money for certain people at the top.)

He also says the Bush administration knew about 9/11 before it happened. That they had intelligence reports 4-6 months beforehand, and that a memo from August 2001 actually described the event. Not that crazy, either. And he's not the only one who has asserted that the White House shrugged off warnings.

Last but not least, Ventura went off about how he probably wouldn't have a shot at the presidency ... if he was running as an Independent.

Probably not because as Ralph Nader said we live under a two-party dictatorship. Nobody else is let into the game.

While his word choice is harsh, I have to agree. When Ross Perot ran in 1992, that was probably the only time in the 20th century when a third-party candidate had even a slight chance of getting into the White House. But the way the electoral process is currently designed, there's really no way an Independent could win. I can't see it happening at least.

Alright, sure, Ventura looks like a total wackadoodle, but I think it's more his appearance, demeanor, and yes, failure to be the most diplomatic person that is actually most jarring to people. At the very least, I think he's speaking his mind and expressing his opinions on hot button topics, getting us to think, and talk. And that's what a democracy is supposed to be about after all, right?

Do you think there are things Jesse Ventura says that aren't that crazy or do you disagree with him for the most part?

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