Vomit Artist Sells Her Work for Thousands (VIDEO)

Millie Brown makes vomiting an art form. Literally. She has managed to turn her passion for purging into an actual career and is making thousands per painting for canvases that she has painted with her stomach muscles.

Brown is a performance artist (if one considers puking artwork) who drinks colored milk, then vomits it, then sells whatever she vomits onto. Yes, seriously. This is a "thing." And she makes money, too.

This whole fun process started in 2007. She used to only dribble her stomach contents down the front of white shirts and sell them. But her work has progressed. Oh yes, it has. Now she vomits on canvas. A video is below and I challenge you to get through it without losing your own lunch:


If you still need more "vomit art" after seeing that video (did you make it through?), she also has a 2010 performance video on Nick Knight's ShowSTUDIO.com. The website was selling the canvas she called "Nexus Vomitus" for $2,400.

Pretty unbelievably disgusting if you ask me and kind of makes a mockery of modern art. Now when the rube who hates all art says something like, "I could vomit better than that painting," he may just have a point.

Do you find this to be "art"?


Image via YouTube

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