Driver Films His Own Scary Near Decapitation (VIDEO)

shocking accidentThis shocking video of a car accident is like nothing you've ever seen before. The driver is videotaping the road with a camera phone when a wooden plank flies through the windshield nearly decapitating him! Thankfully, he wasn't harmed. However, you've can't help but wonder:

What kind of idiot films the road while he's driving?


Admittedly, the authenticity of the video is somewhat suspect: It's unclear why the driver felt the need to get boring footage of two trucks driving on a highway and he doesn't yell or scream or make even a peep when the plank flies through the window even though he's about to be impaled!

Regardless of whether it's real or not, the lesson here is clear: Never, ever tailgate a dump truck. (Oh, and maybe put down the cell phone when behind the wheel.)

Check it out:

What do you think? Real or not real?

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