Doomsday Bunker Means Only the Rich Will Survive

bunkerIn the Girl Scouts we were taught to always be prepared. Bring the water, bring the sunscreen, and bring the map. Now we also might need to bring the key to the secret Doomsday bunker that is currently being built in Nebraska. The 137,000-square-foot underground hideaway will be able to house 950 people for up to a year, withstand a 50-megaton blast, and will protect its inhabitants from everything from a nuclear terrorist attack to, say, a catastrophic weather event that, say, throws Earth out of orbit and, say, away from our sun. Yep, it's that specific.

Admission to the bunker will cost you more than a badge and some Thin Mints though -- it's a $5,000 deposit and the final cost will be capped at $25,000 a person. The floor plan for this thing is amazing and I really wouldn't mind living there for a year -- granted I escape whatever cataclysmic disaster that happens and successfully make my way from NYC to Nebraska.


But hurry -- spots are filling up. After the earthquake in Japan and the consequential tsunami and nuclear meltdown, sales for a place in the bunker have increased 1,000 percent. Maybe the California-based company making this bunker, Vivos, is just cashing in on fear and uncertainty about the future, or maybe they're really doing humankind a service here. I hope we never have to find out.

One thing is for certain though: the bunker will be tricked out. It will have four levels, a 300-foot protected tower that will provide "guests" a view into what's happening around them on the outside, a medical center, a dentist's office, kitchens, pet kennels, a bakery, a prayer room, and a fully stocked wine center. Guess the designers learned a thing or two from the Chilean miners and want to provide bunker dwellers some booze -- but where's the weed-smoking room, porno mags, and free sunglasses? Eh, win some, lose some.


There will also be a jail for when guests get unruly, or try and drink more than their fair share of the wine. "Lock him up, boys. Larry's got into the cellar again."

There will be TVs and previously unreleased, but taped, seasons of Mad Men and Friday Night Lights to keep everyone happy and entertained. Sigh, I wish. If that were true, I'd fork over my $25K right away.

The bunker looks gangsta, but ... if you're not living there when the world ends, how are you going to survive? How are you going to get there? Kinda seems really impractical for anyone living outside a 10-mile radius of the bunker. We'll need more than water, sunscreen, and a map to get there. We'll need magic.

What do you think of the bunker?

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