Woman Attacks Gauguin Painting Because Bare Breasts Are 'Evil'

two tahitian women gauguinFile this under wacky but disturbingly true: A crazy woman attacked a Gauguin painting called "Two Tahitian Women" at the National Gallery in D.C. Some lady actually tried to pull the painting, which dates back to 1899, off the wall! Thankfully, the painting was behind Plexiglas, which she banged on repeatedly, screaming, "This is evil!!!" So reported innocent bystanders who just happened to be hanging out at the museum at the time.

You can't make this stuff up, people.

The painting, which was on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was removed today and is currently being inspected, according to gallery spokeswoman Deborah Ziska.

Of course now everyone's wondering what could have possibly provoked this lady to go rage-case on the 110+-year-old painting? Some people think she was just a wacky, mentally unstable person off the street ... but others speculate that she was a Tea Partier. I gotta say, there's certainly a case for the latter!


See, on April Fools' Day, the Tea Partiers had a book club meeting rally in D.C. and "dozens" of supporters came out. There's a possibility that one of those supporters made her way over to the National Gallery and lost it when she saw a painting depicting not one, but TWO SETS OF BARE BREASTS!!! She had to attempt to do away with it immediately!

Too bad, she's the one who was done away with. In all seriousness, she was "immediately restrained and detained" by the museum's federal protection services officers, who charged her with destruction of property and attempted theft, according to a statement from Ziska.

Other reports said she appeared in court on Saturday, but no other details about the trial have been released.

Okay, I don't 100 percent believe that this woman had anything to do with the Tea Party, but the coincidence is pretty funny ... and I simply can't resist the opportunity to rail on social conservatives who supposedly want the government to stay out of everyone's business, yet who want to control women's sexual/reproductive health and tweak out about anything remotely sexually risque. If you mean "hands off," then keep your hands off! But no, they're hypocrites in many ways. 

It's very likely this woman was just a random delusional basketcase, who has a major problem with 19th-century bare wabos. All I can say is that I'm grateful an incident like this is still considered abnormal, and social conservatives have yet to go so far as to try to censor art or history ... oh, wait!!!! There was that time the National Portrait Gallery removed an exhibit exploring LGBT identity ... and here's a whole slideshow from The Nation of art they want gone ... or how about textbooks that "criticize the Founding Fathers." So never mind. Maybe the crazy lady was full of Tea after all.

Why do you think this woman attacked "Two Tahitian Women"? Do you have a problem with it?

Image via Clyde Robinson/Flickr

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