Holes in Southwest Airlines Planes Freak Me Out

southwest airlines planeWhy a gaping hole in your airplane, Southwest Airlines? And why now? My husband and I are about to go on our first vacation together in forever and we already have our tickets booked with Southwest and we're already freaked to be flying together on the same plane while leaving our kids on the ground with their grandparents.

My fears aside, just think of all those poor travelers and employees aboard the Southwest airplane on Friday when a five-foot gaping hole opened up mid-flight. Yes, that was enough to cause decompression in the cabin, signal the drop of the dreaded oxygen masks, and for the travelers aboard to see their lives flash before their eyes. I mean, imagine looking up in the airplane and frickin' seeing sky! Total scary nightmare!

Luckily, the pilot was able to make a safe, emergency landing (yay pilot!), and no one was seriously injured (physically anyway), but the Southwest Airlines news just keeps getting worse.


Because one gaping hole in an airplane wasn't enough to freak me out (yes, it was!), Southwest found cracks in three other planes -- in other words, gaping mid-flight holes waiting to happen -- which they grounded for inspection after the emergency landing on Friday. This latest news sure isn't making me feel any better.

I've had a lot of good luck aboard airplanes, including Southwest's, in my life. The scariest thing to happen was sliding totally off a slippery ice-covered runway in Dulles one time. Can't remember what airline it was, but you can bet I was saying my "but I'm too young to die!" prayers as the plane slid down a dirt embankment and I gripped the armrests with all my might.

Well, maybe it's good to be aboard the "problem airline" of the moment right after the problem occurs -- since the company is probably busting its rear to inspect their planes thoroughly in order to make sure nothing else goes wrong. Right? RIGHT??!! I just wish the "problem" was something more along the lines of bad-smelling hand soap instead of killer people-sucking holes in the ceiling, but what can you do?

Dear Southwest Airlines,

Please don't let me or my husband be sucked into outer space -- that's really not the kind of adventure we're looking for this trip.

Thank you.

Would you fly Southwest in the next few weeks?


Image via Pylon757/Flickr

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