66-Year-Old Woman With Cancer Tackles Bank Robber

bank of americaSometimes, you just have nothing to lose. And that's exactly how Helen Dunsford felt before she tackled a would-be robber in her Florida Bank of America on Friday.

A woman tackling a bank robber? Courageous! Well, you should know that the thief also happened to be a woman herself (um, yay, women's lib?). But the crazy part is -- not only is Helen 66 years old, she also has stage IV cancer.

"She got on my last nerve," Helen said. "I have cancer, stage 4, and I figured if I'm gonna die, it's God's will when I die. She's not gonna shoot me."

Apparently, Helen tackled the robber, Renee Breen, and pinned her down until the cops showed up. Well, damn! Good for you, Helen! We all need to take a page from your book.

When Breen was brought into custody, she told police that the robbery was just an April Fools' joke.

Well, looks like the joke's on you there, darlin', 'cause you just got beat up by an old lady.

How awesome is Helen Dunsford?


Image via The Consumerist/Flickr

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