Katie Couric Isn't Man Enough for Evening News

katie couric
Katie Couric
So less than five years after becoming the first woman to lead a network TV evening newscast, word on the street is that Katie Couric is going to leave her anchor post at CBS Evening News when her contract is up in June. Across the nation, anchorwoman wannabes dressed all in beige are hissing, "What an ingrate! How could she?" especially as rumors surface that Katie might take on a totally girly daytime slot -- gasp! A talk show! Who does she think she is, breaking through that glass ceiling only to jump back down inside and put up some new glass?

Well, it turns out, ladies, Katie Couric just isn't man enough for the nightly news.


Let's face it, the gang behind and before the nightly news is still a good old boys' club for overly serious, thirst-quenchingly dry fellows (although NBC's Brian Williams sure is a fun guy!) who make their one gal dress just like them -- ugh! Frankly, I'm surprised they even let her go by "Katie" and didn't force her to change her name to "Kate" before her first newscast. How much of this crud can a woman with real heart take -- no matter her ginormous aspirations for journalistic success? I mean, they can keep it, right?

Remember when Katie Couric used to laugh? And smile? And talk about subjects that women genuinely care about? And wear women's clothes? Those were good times, times to which Katie perhaps longs to return. Sources tell TMZ that Katie has no hard feelings toward CBS and may stay on at the network in another role, but she feels her job as anchor of the CBS Evening News has been "way too confining." Yes, Katie, a desire for suffocating constraint and restraint is in the job description, isn't it?

I think we're wrong when we define a woman's success in the work world by how well she can conform to a male-centered way of working -- or in Katie's case, way of delivering the news. In fact, true professional success for women might very well be when a woman can do a man's job but then simply uses it as a launchpad to create something new, something better, something that feels right to her and right for women. Now that's what I'm talkin' about ...

Can't wait to see what Katie does next!

Do you think Katie Couric will become interesting again once she leaves the nightly news?


Image via CBS News

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