Sarah Palin Can't 'Refudiate' She Made Up Another Word

sarah palinSarah Palin, political pundit and chignon-wearer extraordinaire, managed to slip in another soon-to-be-famous made-up word while waxing poetic about what's going on in Libya Tuesday night on Fox.

What is going on in Libya, dagnabit? Are we at war? Or is it nothing more than, as Sarah put it, a "squirmish"?

Oh, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. When will you get boring? You refuse to stop entertaining the American people the universe! Dyslexic very are you? Do you have a personal vendetta against the English language? Or are you just looking to keep the fine people of the United States in stitches? I personally consider you to be the modern day Carol Burnett, the Mary Tyler Moore of Washington, the Tina Fey of ... Tina Feys. If you can somehow manage to slip on a banana peel, you might just nab yourself an Emmy!


"Squirmish" of course wouldn't be so bad (okay, it would always be bad) if she hadn't used the word "refudiate" late last year in a Tweet -- something I'll never understand since she was obviously in front of a computer or on a mobile device. One word, Sarah: Google.

The weird thing is that it seems that Fox has now edited the video to have Palin saying "skirmish," which means "a fight between small bodies of troops," instead of "squirmish." Hmm ... seems a little fishy. Sarah clearly said "squirmish" the first time.

Whatevs, though. Say what you want about Sarah, I think she's fun. She's definitely on the top of my list of "politicians I'd like to play beer pong with." (G Dubs, you're not that far behind.) As long as she is never, ever, ever, ever elected our President, I'm glad we can have a little Sarah in our lives here and there. Things can get boring!

How entertaining do you find Sarah Palin?


Image via (F)oxymoron/Flickr

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