Husband Dies While Giving Wife CPR

couple holding handsThis is one of the saddest stories you're going to hear today. So, if you're having a good day -- or if you're not, but don't want to be more sad than you already are -- stop reading.

Charles Lorme, 60, died while trying to perform CPR on his wife, Geraldine, 59. Now, if that sentence alone isn't heart-breaking enough for you, how's this: The paramedics found Charles slumped over his wife's lifeless body when they arrived at their home eight minutes later.

I don't think I could think of a sadder image if I tried. And not to romanticize it, but isn't it a little Shakespearean? Can you help but think of Romeo slumped over Juliet (then Juliet waking up to find him, and, well, you know the rest)? Or even The Gift of the Magi, where both members of a couple each sell their most prized possession to buy a gift for the other?

And sadness aside, what an insane freak incident. What are the odds? Is Charles better off? And are things really meant to be?


Typically, I don't subscribe to the "everything happens for a reason/everything's meant to be" philosophy (maybe sometimes, but not all the time). But this is so weird. Of course, if it came down to it, I'm sure there's some sort of "he had a weak heart/coupled with the stress of the incident" kind of medical answer, but to die at the exact moment as your spouse? From different reasons? That's some stuff, right there. Not to get all spiritual, but think about it -- they both departed earth for the after-world, or whatever your belief may be, together. On some level, I truly think that Charles just wouldn't be able to go on without her. And although it's incredibly sad, it also is heart-breakingly sweet.

The thing that worries me is whether or not they have kids -- and they probably do, right? As someone who has lost a parent, I can say it is the hardest thing one can ever go through (I don't have kids, so I'm speaking relatively). To lose both at once? Oh, hell no. l couldn't deal with that. Not for a minute. That is too much grief for one person.

But kids or no kids, it still remains that Charles and Geraldine obviously shared a unique bond. And although they will no doubt be missed by people here, in this world, I hope they are in each other's arms as I write this post.

What do you think about Charles and Geraldine dying together?


Image via mopics80/Flickr

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