Where Is Rebecca Coriam, Missing Disney Cruise Worker? (VIDEO)

Rebecca Coriam missing Disney cruise
Missing: Rebecca Coriam
The Bahamian Maritime Authority has been working a tough case this week -- what happened to 24-year-old missing crew member Rebecca Coriam? The young woman who worked as the Youth Activities Coordinator aboard the Disney Wonder, a 1,754-passenger cruise ship that is registered in the Bahamas, did not show up for work on Tuesday as the ship was at sea heading from it's home port in Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta.

How could she just disappear?


This story is unfolding into a total nightmare, especially for Rebecca's parents Ann and Mike Coriam and their family. The cruise line said the Mexican Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard have been conducting searches in the water. It sounds like the ship was thoroughly searched twice; however, it also continued on "business as usual" for its seven-night cruise to Mexico, which had two stops in Cabo San Lucas.

I'm not sure how any sort of "thorough search" could take place with that many travelers on board. And the fact that the ship had scheduled stops along the way makes this prime for a criminal cover-up. I mean, I don't want to think negatively, but you do have to assume the worst in a situation like this, do you not? This woman disappeared into thin air! We have to consider several horrible scenarios, in fact, and find out what happened to her.

The Daily Mail reported that a crew member reported seeing Rebecca jump overboard at 3 a.m., but that claim has not been verified whatsoever. This claim also doesn't mesh with the fact that, on the morning she disappeared, Rebecca made a phone call to a friend at 5:30 a.m., the conversation and context of which have not yet been revealed.

Rebecca's parents planned to meet the ship at San Pedro and talk to officials on board, and the ship is due back in Los Angeles today.

WATCH the heartbreaking interview with Rebecca's parents:

Gosh, if this were my child, I think I'd want to search the entire cruise ship, room by room, myself. So awful ... We'll send good thoughts to the Coriam family, in hopes that this is just some huge confusing mishap.

Do you think authorities have done/are doing enough to search for Rebecca?


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