'Fat' Texas Beauty Queen Wins Back Her Crown

Domonique RamirezA 17-year-old Texas beauty queen named Domonique Ramirez has won back her crown, after a court battle against crazy pageant officials who stripped her of her title, blaming it on her weight.

Ramirez had won the crown as Miss San Antonio last April. Upon her dismissal, higher-ups at the Miss Bexar County organization voiced greviances over 13 pounds they wanted her to lose and claimed that Ramirez failed to "live up to [the] rules and regulations and the standards of [her] contract." More specifically, Ramirez was told to "get off the tacos," and the pageant officials later testified that the teen queen showed up to a bikini photo shoot overweight, rendering the photos "unusable."

The thing is ... she had been a size 2 all along! The only potentially legit grievance of the pageant organization was that maaaaybe Ramirez skipped events or showed up to them with her boyfriend. But I doubt how much of that was true, too.


After news broke that Ramirez had won the trial, the pageant director, Linda Woods, came off like a REAL lady, stating, "I'm sorry, there's no way I would represent her as talent. She's trouble," explaining why she'd do nothing to help Ramirez advance to the Miss Texas and Miss America crowns. How nice. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what someone worthy of choosing the next Miss America would say. Oh, there was also what she told the AP, making the decision out to be one that let a murderer go:

It's a sad day for us. We think the judge and jury made a huge mistake ... It's an injustice for the city of San Antonio, it allows young kids to breach contracts and violate authority without any consequences ... It sends the wrong message.

The wrong message, huh? That maybe a beautiful, young, and healthy-looking woman shouldn't be threatened to lose weight?

Ramirez herself elaborated to MSNBC on why she felt this was a battle worth fighting, and surprisingly, it doesn't have anything to do with regaining her title as Miss San Antonio.

I didn't fight for the crown. I fought for the principle of the fact. They gave me an email saying, "Your reign is revoked!" They gave me no idea that ... I had done anything wrong ... I was totally shocked, I had no idea what was going on. It was just about that, just how unfair they were to me.

I have to say I'm really impressed with how poised and mature Ramirez seems. Definitely not like a young woman who "violated authority." What a joke. I really feel like there's been some underlying discrimination in this case, but at least now, thankfully, justice has been served.

Although it will surely be awkward for Ramirez to have to deal with these same pageant officials she fought in court, it seems like she has the wherewithal, smarts, and integrity to grit her teeth and get through it. With hope, she COULD very well be on her way to becoming Miss America!

Are you glad to hear she won the court case?


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