Bigfoot Smells Like Road Kill, Walks Like Grandma (VIDEO)

bigfootWe here on the Internet love a good unidentifiable beast sighting. There was the Loch Ness monster photo last month, and now, now there's a Bigfoot video. I haven't been this excited about an ambiguous animal since I wrote-in the Montauk Monster during the midterm elections. Bigfoot was not only caught on tape, but Thomas Myer, the videographer who doesn't know how to focus a camera, can also account for its scent and noises. Apparently, Bigfoot smells like a combination of road-kill and skunk.

The video of the elusive Bigfoot is in a word: hilarious. I don't use this very often, but it's laugh-out-loud funny. Two things. How did they get my dad to lend them his Bigfoot suit, and two, since when did anyone in Shelby, North Carolina have a camera phone?


I kid because I love. I'm sure there are a handful of people in rural North Carolina with cellular devices. You know what else I love besides the great Tar Heel state? A great freaking prank. Thomas and his buddies clearly knew what would get the nation talking and will likely make a buck or two off their video. How exactly I'm not sure, but someone at the very least might send the guy a current recording device.

The best part is they really didn't even have to try that hard. Rent Bigfoot costume (Gorilla would do in a pinch), go onto rural road at dusk, film for five seconds, send clip to local TV station, and upload on to YouTube and ... BOOM. Internet sensation. Whole thing couldn't have taken more than an hour or two.

My only criticism of this masterpiece would be the direction the executive producer went with Bigfoot's gait. Now I would've chosen something a little less wobbly and hobbly. Something a little stronger and intimidating, but the choice was theirs. Is their goal perhaps to show the public that Bigfoots, just like aging adults, suffer from osteoporosis and crippling arthritis? Maybe it's more a PA than anything else. MAYBE it's a viral ad campaign for Tylenol.

I salute Mr. Myer for bringing Bigfoot into our world once again and for showing us the power of the Internet.

What do you think this Bigfoot video is all about?

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