Drunk Cab Driver Crashes While Sexting With Girlfriend (No Tip for Him!)

texting and drivingNihilne sanc­tum est? That's Latin for "is nothing sacred," and yes I had to Google it. When Florida cabdriver Phernando Cuello lost control of his cab, crashed it, and got arrested the other night, it wasn't just for drunk driving -- it was for sexting.

First Phernando told police that somebody cut him off. Then police smelled booze on Phernando. Next Phernando admitted to sending his girlfriend raunchy texts. Then Phernando went to jail. 

My feelings on this are as follows: Dude, seriously? The drinking and driving -- especially when driving is your job -- is disgusting, inexcusable. I hope and pray that you never get behind the wheel of a cab again. But the sexting? That's just flat-out gross. As a patron of cabs (when I'm feeling fancy), I can say with complete confidence that there's not a small portion of me that wants to be in a taxi with a driver who's all hot and bothered. In fact, that would make me feel violated as all get-out.


And not just because my safety is being compromised, but because I don't want to be in anyone's presence when they're doing that. That's private. That's gross.

This makes me wonder: How many other people have sexted around me? Was the guy playing with his iPhone on the subway this morning (yes, you giant backpack guy) sexting his lady friend on his way to work? Was my dry cleaner, who kindly had me wait as he finished up a text last night, sexting his wife? I seriously hope not because -- I can't really put it into words other than: That's icky.

With smartphones and Facebook and everything in between, there's no doubt that it's easier than ever to have virtual sexy time, but I think it should be done in a private -- or semi-private -- place. Not when you're around people. And definitely not when you're driving. Side bar: I can't believe we're still even G-rated texting and driving. Hasn't that message been drilled into us enough yet?

Even if you're not driving, though, please don't sext around me. I may sound like a prude here, but it's just too creepy for this gal.

What do you think of sexting in public?


Image via MrJasonWeaver/Flickr

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