Buying an American Apparel T-Shirt = Giving Money to a Pervert

american apparel dressWe've all heard the saying, "Any publicity is good publicity." But in the case of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, I'm not sure that statement holds true. He's being sued by four more women for sexual harassment.

If you're keeping track, this is the second case alleging sexual harassment filed against him this month. And if you're still keeping track? This adds up to more than a dozen people since 2004 claiming that Charney created a sexually charged, hostile work environment at his company.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think the best place for my American Apparel t-shirts are in the trash. I don't want anything associated with this company anywhere near my body.


Here are the dirty deets from the latest case against Charney:

Kimbra Lo, a 19-year-old former employee of American Apparel, alleged the following disturbing behavior from Charney when she went to his apartment to talk about a job. (The other three women have not publicly disclosed the nature of their complaints because they signed confidentiality agreements while employed at American Apparel.) Lo claimed:

... that Mr. Charney, wrapped in a towel, invited her to his bedroom to talk about a job. Once there, she said he undressed her and tried to have sex. Ms. Lo said she sought to resist but was afraid, and that he tried to take photographs.

Charney's response? Well, apparently, he has said in the past that he often holds meetings in his bedroom. So, really, what's the big deal? Never mind that this is a completely unprofessional way to run a business. Sexually charged work environment? I should say so!

If you're someone who thinks about the ethical implications behind your purchases, perhaps the endless reports about Charney's disgusting behavior with respect to his employees are swaying you away from the brand. I don't think it's any coincidence that the complaints against the CEO come amidst reports that the company is having financial troubles. Perhaps consumers aren't so willing to don a t-shirt that's associated with such a loser -- no matter how soft it may be.

Will you still shop at American Apparel despite the sexual harassment complaints against Charney?


Image via Orin Zebest/Flickr

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