'Kill Team' Soldier Jeremy Morlock Deserves Jail for Killing Afghan Civilians

jeremy morlockThere may be a lot of disgusting, despicable ongoings that get swept under the rug during war, but thankfully, the brutal killings of Afghan civilians for sport will not be one of them. Specialist Jeremy Morlock was sentenced yesterday to 24 years in prison, after pleading guilty.

Morlock was just one of five soldiers from an Army Stryker brigade (now known as "the kill team") who purposely killed three civilians in Afghanistan last year with no justifiable cause. During his trial, Morlock (who, by the way, is from Wasilla, Alaska, hometown of someone else who makes my stomach turn) actually admitted that he "lost his moral compass," when he and the rest of the brigade staged the killings so as to look like they occurred in combat situations.

How sick is this???


We now are hearing allegations that what Morlock and his brigade did isn't exactly an anomaly. According to The Independent:

Troops have regularly posed with dead Afghans as if they were hunting trophies, and many were in the habit of cutting off their fingers, which they would then show to fellow soldiers to prove that they had completed a "kill."

The situation in itself should not only make us sick as Americans, but think about how this makes us look all over the globe. It's being reported that Morlock and the other soldiers in the kill team were supposed to be participating in counterinsurgency, aka "protecting and befriending the Afghan population in the dangerous region of Kandahar."

Instead, this is what goes down. What the hell is wrong with these soldiers? I say Morlock and the others should be checked for mental instability. They've obviously got the minds of Charles Manson.

It's just disgusting, and what's more, it's starting to look like this is a disease in our military. First Abu Ghraib in Iraq, and now this? This is even being called the "Afghan Abu Ghraib."

As Al Gore commented back in 2004, what happened at Abu Ghraib was clearly "not the result of random acts of a few bad apples. It was the natural consequence of the Bush Administration policy." And now? In 2011, are these guys just a few bad apples or has that same Bush policy continued to taint operations in Afghanistan? I'm not sure, but I do feel like thankfully, at the very least, justice is being served more swiftly this time around. 

And 24 years sounds reasonable. It's more than a lot of murderers get or even, you know, guys who rape young women ...

With hope, the other soldiers who participated in these revolting acts will get similar punishments, because twisted bloodlust on the frontlines is just TOTALLY out of line, insane, and cannot under any circumstances be tolerated for even two seconds by the U.S.

Do you think justice is being served in this case?

Image via U.S. Army/Getty

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