Trump for President in 2012 Isn't That Crazy

trumpThe 2012 presidential election is only a year and a half away. Feels like just yesterday I was watching the results show in 2008, eating the only thing one should eat on an election night: apple pie. But enough about my excuses to gobble desserts ... let's talk politics. With just 18 months left before we head to the polls, candidates are starting to announce their desire to have the worst job in America. The latest is Donald Trump, and your favorite Tar Heel and mine, comedian Lewis Black, has some interesting things to say about it.

The spitting mad political commentator and regular on the Daily Show, Black points out the hilarity of Donald as a candidate, and how eerily appropriate his possible presidency might be. The rant, which compares Trump to Saddam and calls him a "birther," also points out that maybe America deserves a leader like him.


Here are some of Lewis' pros and cons for Trump's candidacy:

  • Con: Trump bankrupt his own casino -- where the house always wins!
  • Pro: We've tried every option out there: stupid president, smart president, white president, black president ... nothing's worked! America needs a crazy third world dictator and Trump could be that guy. He's already got a plane with his name on it, solid gold buildings, a harem, ridiculous hair like Kim Jong-il, and a crazy big ego.
  • Pro: He would talk to other countries like they deserved to be talked to -- like a Staten Island bookie.
  • Pro: Trump is a military genius because he would use a "good admiral, as opposed to a bad admiral."
  • Pro: He has swindled Gaddafi in a land deal -- he knows how to put a bow on a turd and sell it!
  • Pro: Trump is the only presidential candidate that is willing to admit he's a lying asshole and will wrap the turd that is America up in a bow and sell it to the Chinese before they realize it's half broken!

Looks like there are more pros than cons, doesn't it? Lewis Black is hilarious and the above paraphrasing doesn't do him justice (please watch the video), but while he's pointing out the ridiculousness that is President Trump, he at the same time makes a good point. When was the last time we were satisfied with a president? Lewis has a point -- we've tried every type of president out there ... except a woman.

America doesn't need a gilded leader with a reality show, bad hair, and family drama in their past ... so let's leave Sarah Palin and Donald Trump out of this.

So Trump 2012 anyone?

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