Beauty Queen Kills Intruder With Her Pink Gun

pink gun tauresWow, I thought I believed in gun control, but that was before I found out they made PINK guns. That is awesome. Check out this pink mother of pearl mutha! And guns in the hands of trained and feisty ladies can mean some serious fairy-princess-style badassery, too!

In fact, a beauty queen in Florida just shot an intruder dead with her pink gun. Wow. Nothing like a vigilante beauty queen and a pink gun to get a gal's mind churning on pastel-colored femme fatale fantasies.


Miss Tierra Verde 2009, Meghan Brown, opened the door of her mansion in the middle of the night, thinking it was a friend who needed a place to sleep. Instead, it was a bad guy intruder later identified as ex-con Albert Hill, who grabbed her from behind and covered her nose and mouth before forcing her to the bedroom. Her fiancé Bobby Planthaber Jr., who was also home at the time, jumped in and the two men started fighting. But things definitely weren't looking good. This beauty queen knew her man wasn't going to save her.

It was all up to her in the end, so she pulled the pink lady out of her nightstand and plugged the bad dude four times.

Dang, girl. That totally rocks! And bad dudes, let this be a message to you. Never underestimate a beauty queen with a pink gun. Never!

Does this story make you want a pink gun?


Image via TheGunSource

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