Pole Dancing for Jesus: Because Nothing Says Church Like Lucite Heels (VIDEO)

pole dancingOh, the jokes that can be made. I don't have the exact formula, but phrases like "body of Christ," "dollar bills," and "the gates of heaven" are swirling around in my head right now.

Former stripper Crystal Deans has decided to do her part and teach her fellow church-going gals how to do their thang on the stripper pole -- with Pole Dancing for Jesus. The class is complete with routines to contemporary Christian music, short shorts, and slutty lucite platforms. And admittance is simple -- all you need is your church program. Declaring your love for Christ and learning to work the pole have never been so easy! And time-efficient, too, I might add.

"God gives us these bodies, and they are supposed to be our temples and we are supposed to take care of them," Crystal Deans told KTRK-TV. "And that's what we are doing."

Okay, but, with pole dancing? Really, Crystal?


See, I think that if you want to make pole dancing your workout, have at it! Hell, if you want to make pole dancing your livelihood, have at that, too! But why call it "Pole Dancing for Jesus"? To me, that is just begging for controversy and fodder for people ad nauseum.

You're taking what is thought of to be one of the unholier acts -- slithering about on the pole -- and trying to make it seem like you're doing it for Jesus. You're not fooling me, Crystal. I think you're doing it for attention. Or you're just not all there, to put it nicely.

There are plenty of strange "for Jesus" activities. Zumba, tattoos, even birthday parties! But pole dancing for Jesus is flat-out ridiculous.

Watch the video and see what you think.

What do you think about Pole Dancing for Jesus?


Image via litonali/Flickr

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