5 Facts About Tim Pawlenty, Our Next President?

pawlentyIf you haven't heard of Tim Pawlenty, this might be the first of many blurbs you'll read about him in the next 18 months. The former Republican Governor of Minnesota announced today, via Facebook video, that he's taking the formal steps necessary to run for President in 2012.

The video, which to my surprise and to his credit, is very well-done (if not over-done) and does a succinct job of pointing out his platform, his history, and his goals. Bonus points for the fireworks sound at the end, without any actual fireworks. Patriotic nonetheless.

Anyway, here are five things you should know about the possible Republican presidential candidate:

  1. He's sympathetic to the working man. Having grown up in the meat-packing area of St. Paul, he knows what it's like when industries change, shut down, or move, and how it affects the town and its people.
  2. He's all about entitlement reform. It's unclear how exactly he'll tackle the spending on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, but it's clear he'll root his campaign in this Republican foothold.
  3. Pawlenty says that his Governorship of Minnesota "proved we can restore limited government in America."
  4. In the video, he establishes the pillar of his campaign, saying: "We know what we need to do -- grow jobs, limit government spending, and tackle entitlements."
  5. He knows the Tea Party is an important Republican voting contingent, and appealed to them in the video by using one of their favorite phrases: "We the people of the United States will take back our government."

The Iowa caucus that begins the GOP presidential nomination process is February 6, 2012, but if I had to choose a front runner, why not Pawlenty. He had enough wherewithal to have a 23-year-old conservative media whiz-kid make his go-get-em video, which says something to me.

What do you think of Pawlenty?

Photo via YouTube

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