Victoria Jackson Wastes Her 3 Minutes of Fame Talking About Muslims

victoria jacksonLast night on Showbiz Tonight, Victoria Jackson demonstrated she has a lot more in common with the ditsy characters she used to portray on Saturday Night Live than we originally thought.

The Tea Party activist and SNL alumna was there to address the commotion she caused online with her comments about the same-sex kiss between Chris Colfer and Darren Criss on Glee. Just when you thought this woman couldn't be more intolerant, she dragged Muslims into the conversation about the portrayal of gay relationships in the media. See what she said ...


Here's Jackson questioning the "agenda" of the media, which she accuses of promoting equality for all individuals -- like that's a bad thing. (Keep in mind, this is a woman who has publicly stated that Muslim-Americans are "plotting our demise.")

I just want to know why the liberals are pro-Muslim and pro-gay ... Muslims kill gays. That's what's confusing to me. And the only thing I can come up with is the Muslims hate God and the gays hate his word.

Oh boy. I can just see the picket sign at the next Tea Party rally:

Muslins Kil Gayz!

There are many upsetting things about this comment. We could argue all day about how homophobic and intolerant she sounds. But two major things struck me as I watched Jackson bumble her way through the interview and attempted to follow what she was saying.

First, aren't Christians embarrassed to have such a confused, narrow-minded person identify with their viewpoint and quote from their holy book? Last time I checked, "liberals" don't have the monopoly on inclusiveness. In fact, many of the Christians that I know and respect understand that people can be accepting of peoples with opposing viewpoints regardless of background -- I guess I thought that was sort of the point of Christianity. But Jackson here -- with her ridiculous "how can you be pro-Muslim and pro-gay" comment -- is completely unable to grasp this concept.

And, second: Why does the Tea Party have such an inarticulate person as a spokesperson?

What do you think about Victoria Jackson's comments about Muslims and gay people?

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