Celebrate World Water Day By Not Showering

faucet with running waterToday is World Water Day. Did you know that before getting in the shower this morning? I did -- and that's my excuse for not showering.

Not the most well-known of holidays, World Water Day was established by the U.N. to raise awareness about the world's dwindling water resources. Twenty-seven percent of the urban population in the developing world has no access to piped water at home, and those living in developing countries pay substantially more for their water than us folk here in North America.

Well, that doesn't seem right. So, in honor of World Water Day, why don't we all save a little water with these tips -- especially since Americans are the biggest water consumers in the world.


Tips for saving water on World Water Day:

  • Skip the shower today. And maybe tomorrow, too. But, please, shower on Thursday. Just don't make it long and luxurious!
  • Only drink booze today! Your choice what kind -- beer, wine, Skinny Girl Margarita? Sure, you'll feel like crap tomorrow, but you will have saved water!
  • Don't do so much laundry. If you're like me, this one isn't a problem (no washer/dryer in my apartment building). Each load of laundry uses between 27 and 54 gallons of water, so think twice before doing a "just socks" load. Same goes for the dishwasher.

What ways do you save water?


Image via Dottie Mae/Flickr

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