Japanese Grandmother & Grandson Found Alive After 9 Days in Rubble (VIDEO)

sumi abe japan survivor grandmother During the 9.0 earthquake in Japan that took place over a week ago, 80-year-old grandmother Sumi Abe and her 16-year-old grandson Jin Abe became trapped in a collapsed three-story house in Ishinomaki and could not get free. Sumi was trapped under a heavy object and Jin could not find an opening in the rubble through which to climb out. Food was scarce, temperatures were very cold, and the days were ticking by. These two needed a miracle!

Well, I'm happy to report they got one.


In a miraculous turn of events, Sumi and Jin were rescued yesterday -- nine days after the horrifying earthquake and tsunami. Such a miracle!

While buried in the rubble of Sumi's kitchen, the two sustained themselves on yogurt, water, and Coca Cola in the refrigerator, and that kept them both alive while they awaited rescue and sought an escape route. Young Jin was finally able to find an opening in the rubble yesterday, climb onto the rooftop of the home, and scream in order to catch the attention of rescuers nearby. The rescuers were then able to free his trapped grandmother within an hour.

Upon rescue, both Jin and Sumi were conscious, alert, and in pretty good condition, although Jin suffered hypothermia.

After so much loss of life and the ongoing crisis, which now includes nuclear fears, this is the best kind of hopeful news the Japanese need. These survivor stories -- like that of Sumi and Jin or the 4-month-old baby or the surviving family who also went through a tsunami just six years ago -- help those of us who are far away connect with the victims and better understand their plight.

So thrilled for this happy ending story!

WATCH the rescue coverage here:

Do you find that these survivor stories help you to connect and better relate to the tragedies in other countries?


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