Need a Cure for Homosexuality? There's an App for That!

iphoneIf Apple doesn't allow racist or anti-Semitic apps in its app store, then why in the world has it approved a homophobic iPhone and iPad application? At least that's what gay rights supporters want to know.

They're organizing an online petition to pressure Apple to remove an app from a Christian ministry, Exodus International, that encourages people to "cure" themselves of homosexuality. In the meantime, many Apple customers are boycotting Apple products until it's withdrawn from the site -- here's why:


The free app, which is targeted at "homosexual strugglers," teaches that gay people have a choice about their sexuality; moreover, it claims that gay people can "be free from homosexuality through the power of Jesus." It's exactly this type of negative, ostracising message about sexual orientation, say gay rights activists, that causes LGBT teens to be eight times more likely to have attempted suicide, six times as vulnerable to severe depression, and three times more likely to use drugs.

How could Apple allow such a thing? And not just allow it -- but give it a 4+ rating, which means that it contains "no objectionable content"? Really, I'm dying to know.

It's shocking that Apple would allow such a hateful, bigoted program on their site -- particularly in light of the fact that it typically doesn't allow racist or anti-Semitic apps in its app store. Apple customer Keith Hopster explains why he finds this situation entirely unacceptable:

As a straight man I find this app offensive and totally inappropriate. We have young gay people around the world killing themselves as a direct result of religious beliefs and Apple allows this.

Evidently, many, many people agree with Hopster: As of Monday afternoon, almost 110,000 people had signed their names to the petition.

Do you think the Exodus International app should be removed from iTunes?


Image via Yasha Sekhavat/Flickr

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