Funny Asians Strike Back Against Racist UCLA Student (VIDEOS)

Asians in libraryAsians (and hopefully everyone else) were shocked and appalled and, dare I say it, rather amused by a video posted by a white UCLA student, ranting about how Asians don't shut up when they're on their phones in the library. She also went off on how there are lots of Asians at UCLA in general (um, is this shocking/new information?) and how we're so family-oriented (since this is such a terrible thing).

Of course, there's one thing everyone should take away from this experience: You just don't mess with Asians on the Internet. We will respond with hilarious spoofs of our own. Click through to see just a sampling of the videos that were inspired by this poor girl's racist rant.


For your viewing pleasure, here's the original video that started it all:

This is my new favorite song in response to her rant. I always wondered what "ching chong" meant, and now I know! "Ching chong ... it means I love you ... ting tong ... I don't actually know what that means." Me neither! You'd think, since these phrases have been used insultingly against Asians since the dawn of time, it wouldn't have taken us this long to come up with a translation.

The best line from this video: "We all know I'm not the most politically correct person, so don't take this offensively ... even though it's racist." And she brings up the brilliant point that it's okay to talk on your cell phone in the library as long as you're not Asian. You also can't help but admire the photos of Charlie Sheen and Adolf Hitler in the background.

This is how I answer my cell phone when my dad calls me too! And I'm also surprised by the "hordes of white girls" who get accepted at UCLA -- what country are we in again, anyway? -- and then go on to distract poor, hard-working guys in the library with their ginormous boobs. Hey, I never said any of these videos were politically correct.

This funny Asian guy basically admits that what she said was true. All of us are on our cell phones in the library checking up on our relatives affected by the tsunami (since all of us are Japanese, as well). And I've never heard anything more flattering about Asian people in my life: "Your car could break down in the middle of a road, we could take it apart and make it into an airplane, that's how great Asian people are." Warning: Some language, and some overall juvenile commentary, so not safe for work!

What do you think of the responses to this student's racist rant?


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