These Irish Americans Pissed They're Related to Obama

Kiss me, I'm Irish!
It's St. Patrick's Day, which is my favorite day of the year for genealogical research and family history. It's when this little four-leaf clover gets out her corned beef and cabbage recipe, recites some limericks, and toasts a Jameson to the old country.

I'm Irish. I carry my weight in my stomach and I'm freckly. 'Nuf said. Know who else is Irish? Dorma Lee Reese. Know who else? Barack Obama. Two of the three people mentioned in this paragraph are related. Either I have an Aunt Dorma I don't know about, or President Obama is related to Irish immigrants living in Kansas who kind of hate his guts.


True story. Arizona resident Dorma Lee Reese, 83, and Kansas resident Roma Joy Palmer, 66, are pissed they share the same Irish immigrant ancestor as Obama. Pissed.

Falmouth Kearney, who fled the potato famine in 1850, arrived in the US when he was 19 and got busy making legacies. He had 10 children and eventually settled in Indiana after living in Ohio. Little did he know that some of his succeeding family members would end up staunch Republicans, and one would end up the first black president of the United States.

Palmer told the Daily Mail:

I really don't like to claim a relationship to Obama. He's not my favorite president. I don't have anything against him personally. But I don't think we have the same agenda.

Diss! Take that, Barack. In my opinion these ladies, these distant relatives, are playing it all wrong. They could be sipping Shamrock Shakes in the White House right now instead of knitting sweaters at home. I'm not suggesting anything drastic, but everyone loves a timely story on Irish heritage around St. Patty's Day, so the least they could've done was show Obama some leprechaun love.

Send him a card with green glitter that gets all over the Oval Office when he opens the envelope. I mean, is that so hard? If these women played their cards right, they could've at least gotten a trip to D.C., at most a seat on Oprah's couch and a book deal about Irish legacy and what it's like to be related to the president. Am I the only one who thinks in possible book-deal terms? (Note to self: Possible book-deal for woman who only thinks about book-deals.)

I don't see much resemblance between the two; in fact, Dorma looks so much like Friday Night Light's Kyle Chandler, aka Coach Taylor, that it's possible she's related to two famous people.

I must get back to my ancestry research; fingers crossed I'm related to Michelle Obama somehow. Party on Pennsylvania Ave, y'all!


Photo via mediajorgenyc/Flickr

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